Monday, August 30, 2010

Music Monday 2 - So Moody

Currently loving these songs while I revise. (Although honestly, I LOVE Andrew Belle all the time.) They've got the perfect vibe, very moody.

Meiko - Sleep

Andrew Belle - Open Your Eyes

What's on your playlist this week?


Amie B said...

ok - so i'm a musician...which is what i do when i'm not writing. and i love moody music. but as a voice teacher, that first vocalist's pronunciations are making my ears bleed. (she makes a "guh" sound on her g's)....i know, i know, most people wouldn't even notice it. it's one of my flaws. dang that music training!

KT said...

Oo really liked both of those! My favorite of Meiko's is Boys With Girlfriends, check it out :) Love this Andrew guy's voice. On my playlist this week are Light Outside by Wakey!Wakey! and Mr. Mailman by Ben Rector. Music rocks.

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