Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cover Love!

I'm a very visual person (hello, filmmaker!) so I find I'm really drawn to books by their covers. There are books I've bought (or in some cases pre-ordered), just because I loved the cover so much that I HAD to have it. Like these:

And books that I thought sounded pretty good, but whose cover made them seem awesome. Like these:

Upcoming Covers I'm drooling over:

I've tried to figure out just what it is that draws me to these covers but they're all pretty diverse. I'm definitely drawn to images that are outside, and not so much to faces. I also tend to like photographs more than drawings. I like images convey a mood - preferably a darker one. And images that are striking but I'm not that good at pointing out just what it is that makes them striking!

What about you? What are you drawn to in a cover? What are some of your favorites?


Melissa said...

all those covers are stunning :)

Amie B said...

i try and never "judge a book by it's cover"... :) honestly, i'd have to say i hardly remember the covers...its the words that stick with me.

Shannon Whitney Messenger said...

It must be my film training (and years as an art major) because I'm like you, I'm totally drawn to covers. I think Pegasus is up there in one of my all time favorites. The lighting. The composition. The story that it tells right there. LOVE. But these are all beautiful. We must have similar taste. :)

Kathryn said...

I totally judge books by their covers, unless they're books that I've already heard about. If it's an unknown to me, the cover speaks volumes. I'm not sure what I look for in a good cover, but I know them when I see them! I love your selection though. I'm dying to read LIKE MANDARIN!

Alexa O said...

I'm like you--I love a good cover, and I'm turned off by bad or dated ones.

I like the ones you picked, especially "Shiver." I'm drawn to contrast and simplicity, I think.

I also love texture.

Favorite book cover? Easily the old paperback "Catcher in the Rye" with the red cover and yellow text. Preferably a beat up copy.

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