Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

It's Teaser Tuesday! I thought I'd post something for a change. Here's the first two lines from my opening of this week's Tangled Fiction short KISS OF DEATH! (Did I mention we're doing them weekly now?)

"Rosemina first encountered her curse at age five when the neighbor boy chased her behind the rosebushes, pressed his sticky, candy-covered lips against hers and promptly fell down dead. To this day the taste of chocolate and the scent of roses are synonymous with death in Rosemina’s mind."

Read all of Part One on blogger or on livejournal!


Lisa Marie Miles said...

Hi Valerie, I also used to be a screenwriter/filmmaker. I switched to YA earlier this year. Love your blog!

Marce said...

Wow love that teaser but can I say I do not like the characters name.

My Teaser


Donna said...

What a teaser! So, when will it grow to be a trailer?

Mardel said...

Boy, THAT's discouraging! LOL poor Rosemina....poor neighbor boy. Ouch.

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