Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Monday - In Which I Suck At Blogging

So I haven't done a real post in over a week! I suck!

It's a hectic time of year for me. I just started an extra seasonal job. (At a bookstore! Yay!) I'm dedicated to finish my revisions by the end of this week. I still have a weekly writing post at Sisters in Scribe. And with Tangled Fiction now doing weekly stories, I'm writing, or thinking about writing, or stressing about writing ALL THE TIME. Which I love, but whew! It doesn't leave me much time to blog!

If you've been wanting to read our shorts at Tangled Fiction but hate waiting all week or reading it in pieces, we now have a Story Archive where you can read each full story in one complete post!

Also for those of you who've been reading and demanding kissing, I deliver with my opening this week. Check it out: KISS OF DEATH Part 1 (or here at the Tangled Fiction Livejournal Community)

Just remember, be careful what you wish for!

In other news, I'm planning on doing another HUGE contest like last year's (but with even more 2010 books!) next month to celebrate the end of the year and the end of my revisions!

And finally, since it IS Music Monday after all, here's a song I've been listening to lately! It's about stripping away things you don't need, and it puts me in a happy revising mood.


Suzy Turner said...

Sometimes it just takes time and effort to get round to blogging... but even something short and sweet is great for your followers! I'm loving the fact that you have a seasonal job in a bookstore... I've always had a bit of a dream about working in one myself. To be surrounded by books all day... it makes me all warm and snuggle inside!
And finally, Natasha Bedingfield rocks!!

Kristi Helvig said...

That's awesome that you're working at a bookstore. I'd never have a paycheck because I'd spend it all on books. :)

Natalie C Parker said...

Hooray, contests! I've been thinking about running one. Maybe I will watch your next one and learn.

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