Saturday, November 7, 2009

NaNoWriMo - week 1 Wordle

So I'm obsessed with Wordle. I've been using it every day on my nano project. It's been interesting to watch it change over the week. Up until today, the biggest word by far was "Jenna" which was funny because Jenna is dead, the murder victim at the core of my mystery. Today she's finally evened out with most of the rest of my characters. I'm still so amazed that I'm over 15,000 words in just 6 days!

Week 1 Wordle:

Wordle: whisper week 1

Just a note, the word "something" is what I use when I need to come back and name something or fill in detail, so that's why it's so big. I think!


Kat O'Keeffe said...

How cool! I love Wordle. :)

I like making Wordles on a chapter by chapter basis because then you can find out the words you use the most, but also what unusual words you're using so close together.

Valerie said...

I do Wordles chapter by chapter too! It's so helpful (and painful) to see what I overuse when talking about specific events or people.

Sara ♥ said...

I'm such a huge wordle fan... I'm also a geek - I use it for EVERYTHING. chapters, poems, query letters... haha. I just think it's so interesting to see the results!

Congrats on the awesome nano strides :)

Valerie said...

Me too! I just discovered that you can make your own custom color palette! I have spent way too much time playing with wordle.

Thanks! I'm afraid my nano results are going to start petering out now that I'm reaching the middle. It's a little scary now!

Sara ♥ said...

I think that always happens at the middle... it's odd - it should be one of the most exciting parts to write (IMO) yet I find myself seeking procrastination methods way more during that time...

Ashley said...

This is really cool, I've never seen it before! I'll have to try it out though.

Haha I'm surprised how many big "rain" must have many stormy chapters. :P

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