Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Words I Love

I've noticed that I have a few keywords that get me every time I see them on a book. I can't help but pick them up if any of these words, or images of these words appear on the cover. They are: water, river, lake, magic, and anything that implies winter, such as snow, frost, and of course, winter. Also, summer, lol.

I'm also attracted to covers that hint at these kind of stories. (I suppose it should be no surprise then, that my first book takes place in a town on a lake just as winter meets spring, so there's both snow, and rain.)

Here are some examples of books that had me drooling just from their titles and/or covers.

(^ I have so much love for this title, I can't even...)

What about you? What kind of titles or covers pique your interest?

1 comment:

Rachel Pudelek said...

I love anything to do with mermaids (the darker the better) so when a title or cover has water, lakes, oceans, whatever -I'm hooked.

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