Friday, August 5, 2011

The Lying Game Sneak Peek!

So I was thrilled to discover on Thursday that ABC Family had sent me a surprise copy of Sara Shepard's (author of Pretty Little Liars) new series The Lying Game.

I've been dying to read the book, especially since it was announced that ABC Family was making The Lying Game into a new tv series. Well, my copy of the book had a cryptic message hand-written on the inside. (Seriously, ABC Family is so awesome, they come up with the coolest ideas. I hope one day they make a tv show out of one of my books one day just so I can see what kind of game they come up with for it!)

The inscription read:

"To find the truth, you just need to know where to look."

And okay, yeah it took me a while to figure out it was a clue but when I finally decoded it, I was presented with a search term that lead to a sneak peek of The Lying Game! Check it out:

Ooh, dark and mysterious no?

The Lying Game premieres August 15th at 9pm ET.

Here's the blurb for the book:

Pretty girls don’t play by the rules. They make them.

Abandoned by her mother at age five, Emma Paxton has had a rough life in foster care, always longing for a family of her own. When she discovers Sutton Mercer, the wealthy twin she never knew she had, she leaps at the chance to meet her. But then Sutton disappears. . . .

Mistaking Emma for her sister, Sutton’s friends whisk her away. At first Emma plays along, eager to peek into her twin’s life. Sutton seems to have everything Emma never got—an adoring boyfriend, fiercely loyal friends, and a close-knit family—but as Emma is drawn further into Sutton’s world, she finds that everyone is hiding dark secrets. Worst of all, Sutton may not be coming back—ever.

Now, to find out what happened to her, Emma must keep up the charade. But one wrong move and she could end up missing as well.

Let the Lying Game begin.

Check out the ABC Family website for more info on The Lying Game TV series.


Lydia K said...

You're so lucky you got the book! The series sounds pretty great, too.

Valerie Kemp said...

I'm pretty excited for this one!

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

What a nice surprise for you! :)

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