Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three Things on a Tuesday

I'm alive! Who knew? I'm super busy these days but I'm still planning to have my end of the year blowout giveaway - just as soon as I get a chance to set it all up.

In the meantime, my crit group blog Sisters In Scribe is having a contest! We're giving away three signed brand new finished copy books! What can you win?

So head on over and ENTER! Deadline to enter is 12/31.

Also, it's a new week, which means a NEW story up at Tangled Fiction! This week's story is started by me, and everyone seems to think it's creepy. I have no idea why.

Check out part one of I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU. It's about love notes in lockers and possible stalkers and creepy boys with bright green eyes.

And finally, I'm looking for some Urban Fantasy recs - YA or adult. I'm looking for some books where magic is the central focus, and a known part of the world, or an urban underworld. The world would be just like our present world, but with a twist of magic. Think WHITE CAT and THE DRESDEN FILES. Something like that. Any suggestions would be awesome!


Rebecca Wells said...

OH MY GOSH I just read the BEST new urban fantasy... Don't know if you've already read it, but figured I'd throw it out there: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, by Lish McBride. TOTALLY blew me away.

Candyland said...

Dude, I miss you! Glad you're alive!

Valerie Kemp said...

Rebecca - that sounds awesome! I'll check it out!

Candyland- I miss you too! I hardly get to read any blogs these days! Looking forward to after the holidays!

Demon Hunter said...

I'm glad you're alive too. Long time no hear from. ;-)

I'll have to get back to you on the YA. I have several on my shelf that were gifts, wins or ones I bought. And a few do have magic. You've probably read them all but I'll let you know what I come up with. :-D

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